Oh boy! Oh well

Hard on the heels of my story about the centennial of Oberto Brands last month came some bittersweet news. The Oberto family is thinking about selling the jerky juggernaut.

The sweet part is that the family appears to be acting on their terms and not because they have no choice. Oberto

The not-so-sweet part — at least for me — is the possible loss of one more family business to corporate ownership.

Longtime family businesses like Oberto — founded in Seattle in 1918 and now based in Kent — are local treasures. Their unique and refreshing ways of doing business reflect the quirks of their founders and the character of the communities where they’re rooted.

I was disappointed the timing wasn’t right for me to interview Oberto Brands patriarch Art Oberto for my story in the Puget Sound Business Journal, but the Seattle Times published this terrific profile a number of years back. To read my story, click on Story Links in the menu bar above and look under Business.

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